101 Basic HairCutting Class DEPOSIT

Welcome to our Beginner Haircutting Class you will learn 2 haircutting techniques focusing on basic layers and the layered bob hairstyle. Tai is a Licensed Master Cosmetologist. She has been licensed for 22 years and holds a depth of knowledge in haircutting. Tai started her haircut career in cosmetology school winning 2nd place in ladies cut and color competition where she was awarded a scholarship to train at  the global Vidal Sassoon Academy. Tai trained and worked in the salon there for 3 years along with working and training at Toni & Guy Salon for 3 years. In this course, she will equip you with the fundamental skills, knowledge, and tools necessary to create beautiful layered haircuts and increase your profit margin. You will learn how to charge $50+ for a single haircut service. Whether you're an aspiring hairstylist or simply interested in learning how to cut hair, this class is designed to provide a solid foundation for your journey in the world of haircutting.



Lunch will be provided

Time: 9-5

Location: Atlanta, Ga 30339 (Will be given 24 hours prior to class)

Kits will be provided to take home 

Students Bring: Flat Iron & Blow Dryer

Throughout the course, you can expect the following:

  1. Introduction to Haircutting:

    • Overview of different haircutting techniques and their importance in creating various styles.
    • Introductions to the tools and equipment used in haircutting, including scissors, combs, and brushes.
    • Emphasis on safety practices, proper tool handling, and maintaining a hygienic environment.
  2. Theory and Concepts:

    • Understanding the structure of hair, its growth patterns, and how it affects the cutting process.
    • Learning about face shapes and how they influence the choice of haircut styles.
    • Grasping the fundamentals of layering, including the purpose of layers, their placement, and their impact on the overall look.
  3. Basic Layering Techniques:

    • Step-by-step instruction on how to create basic layers, starting from sectioning the hair to using the scissors effectively.
    • Practical demonstrations to showcase the correct body posture, hand positioning, and cutting angles for achieving clean and even layers.
    • Hands-on practice on mannequin heads to develop precision and control while executing layering techniques.
  4. Layered Bob Haircut:

    • In-depth exploration of the layered bob hairstyle, its variations, and its suitability for different hair types and face shapes.
    • Detailed guidance on sectioning the hair, determining the desired length, and incorporating layers to achieve texture and movement.
    • Demonstrations and practice sessions focusing on the specific techniques required to create a flawless layered bob haircut.
  5. Practical Application:

    • Ample opportunities for hands-on practice under the supervision of experienced and licensed instructor.
    • Personalized feedback and guidance to enhance your skills, troubleshoot any challenges, and refine your cutting techniques.
    • Integration of essential client communication skills, including consultation, understanding client preferences, and managing expectations.
  6. Review and Resources:

    • Regular recaps and reviews of the concepts, techniques, and styles covered throughout the course.
    • Recommended resources, such as books, online tutorials, and further educational opportunities, to support your continued learning and development.


    • Introduction to Haircutting
    • Theory and Concepts
    • Basic Layering Techniques
  • Practical Application
  • Review and Resources

By the end of this beginner haircutting class, you will have gained confidence in cutting basic layers and creating layered bob hairstyles. You will possess a strong foundation in haircutting techniques and be well-prepared to further explore the art of hairstyling. We look forward to accompanying you on this exciting journey, as you unlock your potential in the world of hairdressing.

email: customerservice@taidaviscollection@gmail.com for additional questions